Culture within Concrete

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Walking around the city of Providence one will find culture and diversity. I came across these murals on the South Side of Providence.






PSA…Time For An Upgrade

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This is a Public Service Announcement brought to you by ya boy CottersCourt.

It’s understandable that times are tough in todays economy.  Folks are struggling to make ends meat just to give it up to bill collectors.  But if you are one of the many people who have a cell phone and walking around with a phone like…

The infamous flip phone from 1998 you definitely need an upgrade.  Now, back then I’m not gonna front, having a flip phone over the  box like Audiovox phone was way cooler, but it’s 2011  people.  There is no reason why you should have to subject yourself into hitting the 4 key three times to get one single letter in order to text.  And for those that like taking pictures in the bathroom mirror with their cool Samsung or Motorola Razor here’s some advice…flip phones no longer equal sexy.

Now as time went on technology has gotten better with making phones trendier and tech savvy.  Adding the net to phones was a key ingredient that was missing from the cellphone world.  And to add touchscreen to it was mindblowing.  But real talk if you’re walking around with…

Really? Really? A fucking Palm Treo? Time for an upgrade.  Yeah those phones definitely revolutionzed the cellphone world.  Internet with Qwerty and touchscreen.  It was dope.  But real talk nevermind that in the corner of the phone it reads Xcingular, a company that no longer exist because it was taken over by AT&T but look at the girth on this phone.  The shit looks like a garage door opener.  If you’re gonna rock with a smart phone there are newer, cooler, and lighter phones that you could rock with. Get familiar.

Smart phones are the way to go in todays world of technology.  There’s no need to have so many electronic accessories.  A music player, phone, elecotronic organizer, and a computer with Internet capabilities could all be put on one device.  But a lot of these smart phones should come with a recommeneded for specific age printed on its’ box…

Real talk if I go into another T-Mobile store and see a grown ass man or woman complaining to to the sales rep that their fucking Sidekick 1, 2, 3, 4g whatatever other number G phone they have is acting up and lost all their contacts and music I’m gonna flip.  There is no need for someone 25 and over to try and upgrade their Sidekick plan for them and their teenage kid.  Grown asses getting a kids phone should be ashamed of themselves.  Upgrade your shit to to more of an adult phone.  If your not a fan of iPhone or Android at least do your yourself a favor and pick up whatever HTC phone is on the market.  You’ll look more like an adult instead of a big ass kid.

‘Til next time folks.  I’m CottersCourt.  Peace.

Hell Fawkin’ Nah…We Be Clubbin

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What’s poppin’ folks? It’s ya guy CotterCourt bringing ya another original. Enjoy

Aight ya’ll tonight is Saturday and I know many of ya’ll are ready to get it poppin at the club tonight and do it BIG! Please believe, I know how excited many of ya’ll are, esepcially the fellas. Straight up, Your people hit you up on Facebook or text sending you the flyer to the hottest party for the weekend and you and your crew are planning to make it happen. You are sold off of that dime piece model on the cover of the flyer and then as you read LADIES FREE ALL NIGHT! 21 TO DRINK. DRESS TO IMPRESS. LEAVE THE DRAMA AT HOME. Please believe I know your swag meter is moving to an all time high after reading that. You’re already focused on what outfit you’re gonna rock with what shoe. Once that is complete and you throw it all on and look at yourself in the mirror your swag state of mind is in full effect.

Now you and your crew are finally approaching the spot focused on pulling mad numbers because ya’ll fell for the propaganda of the flyer with the dime piece model on it and the words that read LADIES FREE ALL NIGHT!

After paying the $15 cover to get in you hear the music blaring through the speakers and you’re focused because the first bad chick you see you’re grabbing and going on the floor and show her that you know how to Dougie, Cat Daddy, Spongebob, and do the Dutty Wine all in one shot. But as you slowly make your way through the club and look to the far right corner of the club you see the club photographer taking a picture of…

Yup that’s right the broke down version of En Vogue better known as your Basic Birds in the club. Even though the chicks that are rocking outfits that most Basic chicks would rock for Tyrone the muscles bound third baby daddy who just got out the clink you and your crew still have your swag meter set to high. But then your meter drops a few notches when you see…

Yeah that shit right there. The Red Rooster. Another Basic Bird donning a Basic Bird Costume.

Now you and your crew are a bit perturbed of what sights you have fell victim to already and slowly but surely your swag meter is dropping. But you and the crew have faith that something is gonna pop off for tonight. Low and behold it does….

Holy Shit. Swag meter has officially dropped to an all time low and in fact after seeing the back of this rhino with ashy hoofs on heels your shit is officially broken. At this point fellas it’s time to go home and consider this night an L for the team.

In closing I just want to say that when you get that flyer with the dime piece model on it be careful what you may be walking into. There is propaganda even in clubs. Don’t fall for the ookie doke. ‘Til next folks, I’m CottersCourt and I’m out.

Beauties… Rocking It Natural Edition

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Forget about going to grab that hair kit of Dark and Lovely. Today on CottersCourt we’re going Natural. Enjoy!

Beef on Da Book

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What’s good ya’ll its your boy CottersCourt pleased to bring another original to ya. Enjoy!

Real Talk this joint right here by Biggie is my shit(Kat Williams voice).  Whenever ya boy is in a bad mood and needs something to vibe to it’s this shit right here.  Word is bond. I’m in the whip, one hand on the steering wheel bobbing my head to the beat.  And oh yeah ya can’t forget the mean mug.  With that said there’s beef all around us.  You here about it all the time on the news and you hear about beef every day in the hip hop community.  Believe it or not folks beef has even ventured over to social networks.  Yes, the one time social network designed for college students to keep in touch  has turned into a social network nightmare.  People young and old are dising out their dirty laundry to the public.

While conducting this investigation I came across two areas where beef on a social network was out in the open. No holds barred type of shit. Parent vs. Parent when it comes to child support and the second is Old Lover vs. New Lover.

First let’s examine the Old Lover vs. New Lover Beef on Da Book.

It’s an obvious fact that if you should hear that you ex is seeing someone new it’s a natural reaction to make a comment towards that person that has replaced you.  Sometimes positive, but let’s be real majority of the time it’s negative.  Take Chantel M.(29, Administrative Assistant for big Law Firm)for example.  She is one of many individuals on “Da Book” who has beef with another person. While examining her page, because she didnt set her settings to private I was able to infiltrate her page and came across this….

6 Likes 5 Comment

Chantel M.:  Yeah juss saw da ex wit hiz new bitch.  And from da look of thangs dat bitch don’t got shit on me.  Wit her cheap weave wearin’ ass.  #teamimwinning.

Leah Lovemesome F.:  LMFAO!  Gurl uz a fool.  But u rite doe.  I saw em juss da ova day and dat bitch do be wearin’ dat cheap shit. #getonmylevel.

(New girl enters thread)

Peyton Im2Classy J.:  Ya see I wasn’t even gonna bring it to da book but since you go ya lil ass groupeez cosynin I had to step outta my zone to let ya azz kno dat Keyshawn iz my man now OK bitch.  Stop stalkin’ us.  And for da record my weave aint cheap. #boomigotyaman

Leah Lovemesome F.:  Bitch I aint no groupie. #teamimdashit.

Chantel M.: C now bitch you done f-ed up. How you get on my page in da first place.  Next time I c ya I’m gonna whop ya azz juss for disrespectin’ me.  #knockabitchout

Peyton Im2classy J.: Yeah aight bitch we’ll c when dat time cumz. But for for now I gotto go take care of my man. #hesmines

A message to Chantel.  Set your shit to private.

As I moved on with this investigation of beef within social networks I came across a bevy of of statuses and pages focuses on parent vs. parent beef.

Now one would think if two people were having a dispute over child support and claiming a child that they would make it a private matter and not make comments about their situation on “Da Book”.  Boy was I wrong.

In the case of Jacoby R(21, Assistant Manager at NikeTown) he is the father of 3 year-old Trevon.  Something that he is not denying.  In fact he went on “Da Book” to announce how much he does for his child.  But baby mama Felicai sees it a whole other way.

8 Likes 4 Comments

Jacoby R.:  Please believe I’m .a man and I takes care of minez.

Felicia Msindependent L.: Uz a damn lie.  U on hea tellin’ all ya dumbazz friendz and does lil azz chickenheadz a lie.  U don’t be takin’ care of Trevon at all.  I don’t be gettn’ nuffin’ from ya broke azz.  Juss cuz u cum ova and bring some new Jordans and a outfit for him dat don’t mean u take care  of yourz. Uz juss a sperm donor.

Jacoby R.:  Whatchu talkin’ ’bout gurl.  Juss last month I got Tre some diapas and took him out to my family house for dinna.  It’s you who don’t be lettin me see my kid.  It’s you who only let me see them when it work for you.  I be trying.

Felicia Msindependent L.:  Well you aint gonna be takin’ my son around dem ova bithes you be messin wit.  He is wit me more than you so I make da decisions.  ‘Specially when ya azz don’t be payin’ no support.  I bet dem bitches don’t know dat shit.  Yep dats right I’m xposing ya azz.  Right hea on da book.  And goin’ to da Deadbeat Dad page and putting ya whole shit up on it.  Jacoby Richardson 55 Lambert Road in SomeCity, USA.  #deadbeatdadssux

For those involved in any child support battle for your sake and more importantly for the kid(s) sake don’t bring your shit to FaceBook.  It causes people who are not involved to have perceptions of you and the individual that you are beefing with.  Not to mention if your child happens to come across what you said about their parent could potentially lead to negative thoughts from the child towards that person or even you.

“Da Book” is not the place to resolve matters.  I’m Cotterscourt.  Till next time folks.

Hell Fawkin’ Nah…Back To School Edition

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Well Folks the summer is over and it’s back to school for the kids.  For the readers that have kids I just recommend that they do not send their kids out  the house dressed like this…

Picture #1:

Now I’m all about having a group of friends and wanting to dress like your friends but damn the hairdo is bad enough but rocking the spandex pants.  Not cool dude. Show some individuality.

Picture #2:

Really dude? Really? Now unlike the tribute crew of Menudo above where they have not shown individuality this dude is oozing it.  But seriously what fucking school do you attend where they allow this attire?

Picture #3:

Parents. Here is some advice if you don’t want your kid to be bullied.  Do not have them rock anything repping Jurassic Park. Not Cool.

Till next time folks.  I’m CottersCourt.  Peace.

Beat Street vs. Breakin’

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What’s good ya’ll.  It’s non other than your boy CottersCourt brining another original to ya.  This one here is for all my 80’s babies who was either poppin’ and lockin’ or spinning on their heads while rocking the freshest Adidas sweatsuits with sneakers to match along with the matching Kangol and oh yeah, you can’t forget the dookie rope chain.  Damn those were the days huh?

Now back in the day my two favorite breakdancin’ movies to watch was Breakin’ and Beat Street.  As I sat back and watched Beat Street  and watched in amazement the NYC Breakers go against the Rock Steady crew and then shortly after watch Breakin and Breakin 2 Electric Bugaloo and see the team of Turbo, Ozone, and Special K, better known as TKO go head-to-head with Electro Rock I wonder which crew from Beat Street(NYC Breakers) and Breakin'(TKO) would reign supreme.  In the esteemed words from Dres from Black Sheep, the choice is yours.

Till Next Folks I’m CottersCourt and I’m out!